Contributors of the Thesis:

HIMADRI,                                       GAUTHAM,                              DILRAJ LAMA, DHEERAJ SHETTY,                  CHAIYHALI ANAND,                   BIPIN KABRA, VINAYAKA MALI,                         VINAY MELAD,                       TIRTHANKAR, SWAPNIL,                                          SUNIL JAIN,                                  SUMANTA, SUJAY,                                                 SHRIPAD,              SHANKAR NARAYANA, BABITHA,                                          SEEMA RAO,                 SATHADAL PAYAN, SANTHOSH,                           SANTHOSH BALAVAI,           SANDEEP KUMAR, RAVIKANTH,                                RAJEEV MISRA,                           RAHUL RAO, PREETHI,                               PRAVEEN MISHRA,                                      ANOOP, PRASHANTH GOOTY,                 PRASHANTH,                                       PRANAB, NITIN SHARAD GOAL,                MANJUNATH,                                  MAHESH,  JUTURU,                                  JEEGNESH,                                 JAYASHREE,       JAGANNATH REDDY,                      ANKUSH

Design Thesis of the chemical compound includes the following sub topics.

Introduction: In this topic, gives detail about the chemical compound, history of compound. etc

Properties and Uses: This topic includes physical and chemical properties of compound also uses of compound

Methods of Production: This Topic includes different methods for production of compound. Flow sheet of chemical plant.

Material Balance: This topic includes, mass balance of each equipment used in the chemical plant for production of compound and also over all mass balance of entire plant.

Energy balance: This topic includes, energy balance of each equipment used in the chemical plant for production of compound and also over all energy balance of entire plant.

Design of Euipments: This topic includes, Mechanical and process design of the equipment used in chemical plant.

Pollution Control and Safety: this Topic includes, pollution caused by chemical compound and safety methods taken in chemical plant.

Cost estimation and Economics: This gives overall cost required to start the chemical plant, also production cost etc.

Plant Location and Layout: this topic gives detail about where chemical plant should be located and plant layout.

Bibliography: List of books and literature required for development of design thesis.



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